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Tekstil Dünyası Dergi KapağıTextil Dünyası

The magazine Textil Dünyası, which is published monthly, offers its readers’ the most up-to-date news and interviews, as it generates its editorial content so as to include all the segments regarding to the textile industry, under topics such as machinery, spare parts, accessories, chemicals, technical textiles and nonwovens devoted to the textile industry. Published both in Turkish and English, Textil Dünyası magazine; by following national as well as international organizations and exhibitions regarding the textile industry in real time and at the original event place, presents its readers with the most recent contents. Textil Dünyası, with 12 thousand circulation worldwide, is in the leader position, for being the only publication having its print run notarized.




TextoWear Dergi KapağıTextoWear, which is published monthly and oriented towards trends along with fashion concepts regarding to apparel, accessories, spare parts, yarns, fabrics, weaving and knitting, offers information related to the industry and market with its files containing the latest trends, which are needed by the apparel and textile manufacturers. TextoWear Magazine, by following local as well as international organizations and exhibitions regarding the industry in real time and at the original event place, offers its readers’ the most up-to-date contents. Having its print runs notarized, approximately 10 thousand copies of the magazine TextoWear is published and delivered free of charge to all the domestic and international representatives of the sector. 


Online News Portal textotex.com

TextoWear Dergi KapağıCovering a vast amount of news sources with respect to the textile sector and continuously updated, the online news portal www.textotex.com, with its rich content under categories such as, Fibers-Yarn, Weaving, Knitting, Technical Textiles, Finishing, Technology and Apparel, is being visited by an average of 20.000 users per month. The website, which is formed bilingually, in Turkish and English, giving place to news regarding the textile industry, can be easily accessed via the internet by many industry representatives from Turkey and the world. At www.textotex.com, ranging from the latest news from the textile world, developments within the industry, exhibitions that will be held in the future to national and foreign fashion weeks, various information can be reached and with the ads that you place in this area, you can attain a great number of users.


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