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International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair (KTM)

Considered as the capital of Turkish textiles manufacturing, International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair (KTM) is among the most prominent regional fairs thanks to its location.  Held in Kahramanmaraş, meeting point where provinces such as Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Niğde, Kayseri, Malatya, Şanlıurfa ve Adıyaman, in which the heart of textile and apparel beats, come together, this Fair brings the investors manufacturing in textile, apparel, fabric and yarn sectors with the world-leading textile technology producers. 


Kahramanmaraş Agriculture Fair (KTF)

Agriculture and Livestock Fair - KTF held in Kahramanmaraş, one of the leading producers of our country in terms of agricultural potential, introduces the latest innovations in agriculture and animal husbandry, greenhouse, agricultural technology and equipment as well as irrigation systems, seedling and seedling cultivation, arboriculture, landscape and organic agriculture to the professionals of the sector.  Kahramanmaraş Agriculture Fair-KTF, which is the focus of many visitors who deal with agriculture and animal husbandry, stands out as a unique opportunity to share the experiences of leading companies and organisations of agriculture sector and to promote the current practices of modern agriculture.


Kahramanmaraş Food, Gastronomy and Local Tastes Fair (KGF)

Intending to economically develop local producers and support the local economy and also to contribute to on-site and permanent employment by protecting local values, Kahramanmaraş Food, Gastronomy and Local Tastes Fair is held at Kahramanmaraş KAFUM Exhibition Center. Bringing together gastronomic traditions brought by many cultures and beliefs throughout the history as well as local natural products and local brands with consumers, Kahramanmaraş Food, Gastronomy and Local Tastes Fair (KGF) is home to a wide range of exhibitors with many products, particularly food, beverage products, local products, certified organic products, natural products, food processing and bakery products technologies.


Texstart Istanbul Fabrics, Accessories, Yarn, Fibre and Pattern Fair

Texstart Istanbul Fabric, Accessories, Yarn, Fibre and Design Fair, where the latest trends in apparel and fashion sector are exhibited through its national and international participants, served as a stage for the manufacturers of cotton, wool, silk, linen, synthetic, knitting, functional fabrics and technical textile products as well as fiber, yarn, embroidery, lace products, garment accessories, including design agencies and textiles based CAD / CAM / CIM technologies. This special event, bringing together the Turkish textile sector and China's leading manufacturers of fabrics and accessories with the apparel and fashion sector, holds an important position as a trading platform between China and Turkey.


Bursa Textile Machinery Fair - BTM

Bursa Textile Machinery Fair - BTM organized in Bursa, defined as the starting point of Turkish textile, introduces new technologies to the textile industry. Bringing the investors in Bursa and vicinity cities who engage in manufacturing home textiles, apparel, fabrics and yarns, which are the most powerful sectors of Turkey in global competition, together with textile machinery manufacturers, Bursa Textile Machinery Fair - BTM creates a true business platform between exhibitors and visitors.


Kahramanmaraş Construction Fair - KIF

Held in Kahramanmaraş, Kahramanmaraş Construction Building and Urban Transformation Fair - KIF, has gained a significant potential for growth in recent years thanks to its industrial infrastructure and new investments and it also brings together leading companies in its field. Kahramanmaraş Construction Fair-KIF showcases all the innovations in the construction and building sector, creating opportunities for new professionals to observe new technologies as well as providing new business contacts to the professionals of the sector.


Electrical Technologies And Building Automation Fair (EBO)

EBO (Electrical Technology & Building Automation Fair) Congresium held in Ankara in cooperation with TOKI, brings together Turkey's and the world's leading brands. Hosting leading companies in the sector, visitors have the chance to follow a wide range of quality and innovations in broad filed ranging from electrical technologies to building automation, from illumination to uninterrupted & alternative power sources.

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