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Since its foundation, with all the exhibitions, organizations that have been successfully conducted, ECR Fuarcılık, provides a very important contribution to the sector via bringing participants and visitors together in a professional environment.

Up to the present, making its mark with the Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Exhibition-KTM and Bursa Textile Machinery Exhibition-BTM, which are considered among the most important regional fairs of the textile industry, ECR Fuarcılık, has also implemented the Kahramanmaraş Construction and Urban Renewal Fair (KİF), which is aimed at the building and construction sector and the Kahramanmaraş Agricultural Fair (KTF), for agriculture. In addition to fair organizations, also giving place to services such as, congresses, tourism, seminars, meetings, launches and opening events, ECR Fuarcılık, while coordinating national and international organizations intented for many companies, has also put it’s signature under the Kahramanmaraş International Textile Summit-UTZ. Furthermore, ECR Fuarcılık, as a solution partner offering services including traveling organizations devoted to national and international fairs, congresses and events, aircraft allocation for business and speciality travels, flight and rail ticket booking, hotel reservation, visa proceedings; creates direct solutions for their customers in these areas as well.

Standing out correspondingly with their publishing activities devoted to the textile industry, ECR Fuarcılık while giving place to unique subject headings and contents with their magazines Textil Dünyası and Textowear also via their online news platform www.textotex.com, conveys their publishing activities to online media.

Carrying out successful fair organisations since the day it was established, ECR Fuarcılık has contributed substantially to the sector by bringing exhibitors and visitors together in a professional environment.

Organising prominent regional fairs of the textile sector such as Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair (KTM) and Bursa Textile Machinery Fair (BTM) to date, ECR Fuarcılık has also organised Texstart Istanbul Fabrics, Accessories, Yarn, Fibre and Pattern Fair for apparel, subsidiary and fashion industry.


Kahramanmaraş Building Construction And Urban Transformation Fair (KIF) organised for building and construction sector and Electrical Technologies And Building Automation Fair (EBO) organised for electrical technologies and automation of the buildings are among the fairs held by ECR Fuarcılık, attracting a great deal of attention.   Also organising Kahramanmaraş Agriculture Fair (KTF) among others, ECR Fuarcılık has lately carried out Kahramanmaraş Food, Gastronomy and Local Tastes Fair (KGF).


Offering congress, tourism, seminar, meeting, launch and opening services in addition to fair organizations, ECR Fuarcılık has also organised Kahramanmaraş International Textile Summit - UTZ, including many national and international organizations as well.

Serving as a solution partner for national and international fairs, congresses and events, travel organizations for business and private interests, flight, train tickets as well as hotel-flight bookings and visa tracking transactions, ECR Fuarcılık also offers direct solutions to their customers in these segments.


ECR Fuarcılık continues to carry out organisation drawing a great deal of attention thanks to its creative ideas, successful teams and exhibitions and events that bring together all the stakeholders of the related sectors. 


Attracting attention with its publishing activities for textile sector at the same time, ECR Fuarcılık creates exclusive topic titles and contents in Textile World and Textowear Magazines, active under the structure of Textile World Publishing Group (Tekstil Dünyası Yayın Grubu), and offers creative agency services to its customers through 3X Ajans.   It has also made its publishing activities accessible on www.textotex.com, an online news platform.

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